Catherine has co-owned a business in Mankato, Minnesota with her husband, Mike, since 1994. Together they have been enthusiastic supporters and philanthropists for national organizations such as the YWCA, World Vision, United Way, CRU, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, the Salvation Army, Kiwanis, and local organizations such as the Children’s Museum of Southern Minnesota, South Central College, Minnesota State University, Mankato, Minnesota Adult and Teen Challenge, Backpack Food Program, and other organizations supporting the health of their communities. Catherine has been on the Board of the Twin Rivers Council for the Arts, the Greater Mankato Diversity Council, and was a founding member of the City Center Partnership of Mankato.

July 2016 - Joe and Lauren's wedding on the north shore of Lake Superior.  Mike & Cathy (left) and Jenna & Jonny (right).

July 2016 - Joe and Lauren's wedding on the north shore of Lake Superior.  Mike & Cathy (left) and Jenna & Jonny (right).

Married to her husband for 33 years, Catherine and Mike have two boys, Joe & his wife, Lauren, and Jonny & his FIANCE, Jenna.  

Catherine is an enthusiastic athlete and has participated in many triathlons, half marathons, and marathons including the Boston Marathon and the New York City Marathon.  A self-proclaimed introvert, she loves to read, go to the theater and play with hair, clothes and makeup. 

She developed her blog from an intense love of learning and asking questions like:

  • What am I here for?
  • What is the best way to love?
  • Why would I set a goal?
  • How do I become a better person?
  • How do I live a healthy life?

She wants all readers to explore the questions that they need to answer in order to live their best life.  Facing these questions takes courage.  The process will take time.  The answers will produce your best life!

Catherine believes we each have a God-given purpose inside of us. Stepping into that purpose will be beneficial not only for you, but for everyone around you.