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Cathy presented at our recent staff development day, and we loved every minute of it! She taught us the principles of The Four Agreements by sharing personal examples, then guided and challenged us to begin applying them in our work and home settings. By applying what we learned we are already reaping the benefits of healthier communication and relationships here at Pediatric Therapy Services. I have great admiration and respect for Cathy Brennan and she is at the top of my list for future speaking events!

Nancy Dobson, PT, Physical Therapist and Clinic Director, Pediatric Therapy Services

We recently worked with Cathy to present to our employees at our employee professional development day. Employees had the opportunity to choose their sessions. Cathy’s topic was very popular and well attended! Her sessions received among the highest ratings in the feedback surveys as being relevant, useful, and inspirational. I’m so happy to have met Cathy and thankful to her for sharing her important message with us.

Dawn Pearson, Human Resources Director, South Central College

"Cathy Brennan bravely speaks from the heart as she shares her personal journey.  Her motivational message resonates with a wide audience and inspires you to take responsibility for the choices you make in your own life.  Her message is one of hope and action.  The attendees at our event shared very positive feedback with us about her message and came away with a new perspective on their own journey."

Marcia Bahr, Director, Marketing & Communications and President, Mankato Clinic Foundation

"Cathy’s presentation style is honest, positive, and she is willing to share personal stories to help other women move forward in their own journeys."

Barb Dorn, Executive Director, Mankato YWCA

"Cathy Brennan spoke to our Sertoma Club of Greater Mankato recently, and was one of the best programs we've had this year. Cathy draws on personal experience to deliver a message of self-improvement with energy and humor. I give Cathy "two thumbs up!"

Larry Wild, Sertomian and Owner, Kato Glass

"Cathy Brennan took a thoughtful and personal approach to speaking to the artist community about their health and wellness.  She provided simple steps to set goals and start making real changes.  Because she allowed herself to speak from a place of vulnerability, participants could relate to her struggles and left feeling challenged and empowered to take control of their own health."

Noelle Lawton, Executive Director Twin Rivers Council for the Arts

"Cathy Brennan presented to the Mankato Downtown Kiwanis Club in September 2016.  Cathy shares a personal story of her pathway to health that will engage the audience and challenge them to take proactive action.  Her unique perspective on creating and maintaining a well-balanced life was certainly inspiring.  She is well prepared, thoughtful, and excited to share her message.  I am confident you will also be grateful to hear Cathy’s message at your next event."

Matt Norland, Past President Mankato Downtown Kiwanis, Partner Meyer & Norland Financial Group

"I participated in several small groups led by Cathy Brennan.  I found being in the group to be very meaningful and it fostered personal growth and new relationships.  Through Cathy’s facilitation skills and style, I experienced a positive, safe and trusting environment.  Cathy clearly encouraged group members to listen and support each other.  Cathy’s gentle leadership style was refreshing.  She didn’t dominate group sharing, but shared her wisdom and asked questions at appropriate times.  Cathy communicated respect and genuine compassion for myself and other group members.  Through Cathy’s facilitation skills and gentle style, I experienced a warm and stimulating group environment that allowed me to grow as an individual and develop meaningful connections with other women."

Nancy Holmberg, Book Study Participant