Are you skeptical of Facebook, think it’s a fad, cringe at the idea of reading all that junk about other people’s lives or think it is just plain silly?  I thought so too.  The Facebook party can be more fun than a Real party and has lots to offer if you understand what you’re getting in to.


First let's go through some necessary info.  I know, I know, . . . but it will help you know the rules of the party so you don't say or do something stupid!

  • Post’ is the same as speaking at a Real party.
  • Comment’ is the same thing except you are responding to another person's ‘Post’. 
  • Newsfeed’ is simply a list of all the things your Friends say. 
  • Your ‘Timeline’ is a list of all the things you have said or commented on.  
  • When you ‘Share’ a Post all of your Friends will see it. 
  • When you ‘Like’ something you, um . . . , like it.
  • Friends’ on Facebook are more like acquaintances.  Don’t get hung up on the term ‘Friend’.

It’s a Party

Facebook is a virtual party unlike a Real party where you are limited by time and space.  You are there with your Friends discussing this and that.  You aren't subject to all the  problems that come along with being at a Real party.

 Real Party Pitfall 

(Thought) I’m so (NOT) happy to be at this party.  I feel under-dressed (he told me it was casual!) and I’m not familiar with what anyone is talking about.  Who is Charlie and why did his brother bite his finger?


Don’t you hate it when you are at a Real Party and you are bored with the conversation?  You have to find the right moment and words to politely excuse yourself.  At the Facebook party, if you find yourself bored with a topic of conversation, you can just scroll on by. 

Real Party Pitfall

(Me) - Gee, Bob, that (14 hour!) summary of the mating habits of fruit flies was fascinating.  Excuse me, I see a friend (anyone!) that I would like to catch up with.

I Didn’t Know That!

At the Facebook party, you will find out (sometimes shocking) things about people as they Post, Share, Comment, and Like.  You get to take a peek at their life without ever talking to them.  Are they super proud of their kids?  Are they passionate about politics?  Do they have a sense of humor?  You’ll find out at the Facebook party.  It's good to know those things before you start a conversation with them.

Real Party Pitfall 

(Me) Oh . . .  Bambi, I had no idea that you work as a (?!?!) stripper.  Hmmm . . . I’ll catch up with you a little later.

Who Knows Who?

At the Facebook party, you get to know who is Friends with who.  I didn’t know Billy Bob knew Cindy Lou!  This can be good information so you don't put your foot in your mouth when you run into them at a Real party.

Real Party Pitfall

(Me) Oops, I didn’t know that George (the person I just outed for his inappropriate behavior) was your best friend.  Sorry about that.

Are You a Wallflower?

I used to go to the Facebook party and say nothing.  That was odd because I’d never go to a Real party and say nothing.  When I decided to join the Facebook party, friendships developed that would not have started without this technology.

Hey, Let’s Talk About . . .

At the Facebook party, several of you can join a ‘Group’ and start a conversation about a topic you're all interested in.  You could miss that at a Real party. 

Real Party Pitfall 

(Husband, on the way home from a Real party) Did you meet Arianna Huffington?  She & I were in the kitchen talking about politics and blogging.

(Me, with a look of disbelief) I never saw her. . .

I Gotta Get Home!

The problem with the Facebook party is it’s going on ALL THE TIME!!!   No one will ever make you leave.  It is easy to find yourself so captivated by the Facebook party that you ignore the Real party you are at.   This can be a real challenge.

Facebook Party Pitfall 

(Friend) What were you doing when George Clooney showed up at your house? 

(Me) I missed him because I . . . um, . . . was watching a funny cat video.

Did You Know . . . ?

There is a LOT of information on Facebook.   Graduations, engagements, vacations, recipes, inspirational sayings, funny animal videos (there I go again) and even death announcements.  News outlets are beginning to use Facebook as a news source.  It is often assumed if it’s on Facebook, you should know about it.  Whether you like it or not, Facebook is a powerful source of information.  That isn't the case if you just go to Real parties.

Real Party Pitfall 

(Friend) Did you see that Sally was in town?

(Me) No!?!  She didn’t call me!

(Friend)  Oh, she posted it on Facebook.  Too bad you missed her.  She was giving out $100 bills to everyone she saw!

Don’t Miss It!

Facebook will notify you of Events posted by your Friends.  Today I clicked and noticed I had been invited to 17 events – 17!  I could think it was because I am so popular but these aren’t really ‘invitations’.  They are posters telling me about activities going on.  It is an easy way to see what’s happening without having to search websites or keep your ear to the ground about everything going on.

That is SO Cool!

Have you ever heard or seen something and thought, ‘Oh my goodness, I wish (insert your actual friend’s name) Sam could see this!  At the Facebook party, you can Share those funny videos or inspirational sayings with all of your Friends with just one click.

Facebook is a virtual party.  Here are the benefits:

  • You get to decide who is invited, who you listen to, talk to, and how much time you spend there. 
  • You don’t have to dress up (which is a problem for those of us who enjoy that). 
  • You will hear lots of information at the Facebook party. 
  • If you decide to say nothing that is what people will hear. 
  • At the Facebook party, you get to take a peek at who a person is without even talking to them. 
  • You can Share stuff with your Friends that they may love, hate, ignore or . . . it may change their life. 

Join the party!