How Are You Spending Your Time and Energy?

We hate to admit it but we all have limited resources.  Our days are filled with activities and at some point we all need to go to sleep and rest.   I refer to it as our ‘bundle of energy’.   How do you decide how much energy you will give to each part of your life?  Let’s be intentional about how we spend our days and use our talents.

Each day at my office there are many tasks to accomplish.  I only have so much energy each day.  If I give all of my energy at work, there is nothing left for my husband or friends.  If I give all of my energy to my husband or friends, there is nothing left for me.  Like a pie, my bundle of energy must be divided for the good of myself and those around me.

Take Care of Yourself In Order to Give to Others

First, I take care of myself.  By eating right, sleeping enough, pursuing my dreams and passions, and taking care of my body, I have more energy overall.  This gives me enough stamina to get through each day giving my best to work, my husband, children, and friendships. These healthy relationships give me hope, purpose, and joy which allows me to love more fully.

Is Your Bundle of Energy Balanced?

Having your life in balance will allow you to divide up your energy and feel content with your choices.  Those around you will get the best of you as you go about your day.  You will be able to love more purely and contently by maintaining this balance.  Make sure that it is you deciding how much energy you give to each part of your life and that you are not allowing someone else to take on this important task.

Find out what gives you energy and make sure to invest in that so you have the most and best to give to others.  Whether you need alone time or party time, you need to be rejuvenated each day.

It's Your Choice

I challenge you to look at how you spend your days and how you divide your bundle of energy by asking yourself these questions:

·         Who or what gets most of my energy?

·         Am I intentional about deciding where I spend it?

·         Am I intentional when responding to requests, knowing that my bundle of energy is limited?

·         Do I work to have the most energy I can by taking care of myself?

·         Who needs my energy?

It’s your life.  Only you can decide how to divide up your limited resource of energy.

Both you and those around you will benefit from you doing this well.