You Don't Have to Run

Originally authored 2/17/15

I want to inspire you to join my Boston Marathon training schedule as you work towards your own goal, whatever that is.  Pursuing a goal takes time.  Are you ready to invest?

It’s Just Like Going to Coffee With a Friend

When I decided to run my first marathon, a friend connected me with another woman training for the same event.  We became instant friends and the training became more about time with my new friend than the physical activity we were enduring.  Our runs felt more like ‘going to coffee’ than training runs as we would talk about our lives and encourage each other in our efforts.  We built an alliance around reaching our goal.

What is Your Boston Marathon?


The only way to run a marathon is to do the training. You simply have to put the miles in to reach the finish line.  It takes time and it takes effort. . . there is no getting around it.  When you do the training with someone, it is not as difficult.

What would you like to 'train' for?   Do you have a problem to solve?  Is there an area of your life that is out of balance that you would like to get back on track?  Perhaps you would like to know what your purpose is and how you can achieve it.

Take It One Piece at a Time

Then, come and train with me!  Decide what you want to achieve and commit to spending time on it.  Maybe you would like to eat better and need time to plan meals.  Or it could be that you would like to learn to play piano and need to carve out time to practice.  Would you like to be more active and start by walking each day?  Do not be overwhelmed with the ultimate goal but take it in pieces.

I run a 9 minute mile.  Each day I run (here's my schedule), I want you to spend the same amount of time on what you are training for.  For example, if I am running 4 miles (36 minutes), I want you to spend 36 minutes on your training. You will not be alone as you pursue your goal!

Invest the time, invest in yourself, slow down and ‘put in the miles’.  There is nothing quite as empowering as crossing the finish line!

Go Boston!

There was a bombing at the 2013 Boston Marathon.  Below is an inspirational video of how the running community responded.