Gaining Perspective Through Vision Therapy

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At the end of 2016, a friend recommended I look into vision therapy.  I have no depth perception because I was born with a lazy eye.  I had believed the conventional wisdom which said that if I didn’t learn to use my eyes together by the time I was 3 or 4 years old, I never would.  Well I can now kiss that wisdom good-bye!

Week 11

My therapy this week consisted of sitting in front of a blue light for 20 minutes each day.  This kind of light therapy, it turns out, can help with many ailments including eyes that don’t track together.  Last week I had to work my way up to 20 minutes because my brain just couldn’t take it.  Then one night I imagined seeing in 3D.  That was new!

Today my therapist, Barry, checked my peripheral vision and then I sat in front of the light.  Afterwards, he had me put on 3D glasses as he put an image on the screen to see if I could see depth.

As you may recall, I’ve only seen in 3D one time in my life.  It was the day I was tested by Minnesota Vision Therapy Center.  It’s not an exaggeration to tell you the fly’s wings I saw coming right at me were one of the most spectacular things I had ever seen in my life. 


Today was the second time to be completely amazed!  I saw 3D again except it was much more clear and amazing than the first time!  I got tearful and was overwhelmed.  It looked like a magic trick.  I had so many questions.  How will I be able to handle seeing the world like this all the time?  Will I walk around with an enormous smile on my face shocked by this new view of everything I see?  I couldn’t stop crying and asking questions and blubbering on and on. 

There aren’t words to describe how this felt.  It was like finding out I had 6 million dollars in a bank account that I didn’t know existed.  It had always been there, I just couldn’t access it. 

What?!?  Are you kidding?!?  6 million?!?  Well of course I’ll come over to collect the cash!

But it’s not quite as easy as stopping by the teller and walking away with a bag full of money.  I’ll have to continue with my therapy in the hopes that the whole world will someday take on this amazing third dimension.  I need to be patient.  Barry says ‘less is more’ as he prescribes my at-home therapy.

What's Next?

My mind and heart are swirling with the possibilities of how my life will be different when I see everything in three dimensions.

When I took off the 3D glasses and saw my world in 2D again, I must admit it was comforting.  I had to sit down.  This is how I understand the world.  That is as disorienting as walking in a fun house but as sensational as the Grand Canyon. 

It definitely feels like I have 6 million dollars in the bank waiting for me at the end of this journey.

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