Originally Authored 10/26/14

Are you doing what you were created for?  I want to inspire you to figure out what your special purpose is and to DO THAT!  It’s your life and no one can figure out how to live it better than you.


Yesterday I spent the day with three friends.  We have known each other for over 40 years.  The love runs deep.  What a treasure to have this core group of longtime friends who love each other despite our warts and flaws.

finding your purpose

One of my friends is passionate about gardening and animals.  When you meet Lee Ellen, you know what she is passionate about because she gives gifts like home grown popcorn, honey butter (NUM!) and seeds that will grow plants to attract pollinators.  She has a purpose and everything she does in her life reflects that.     


I lived most of my life not knowing what my purpose was because I had too many false beliefs.

  • I believed it was selfish to look at my passions

  • I believed it was I was not unique enough to have passions that mattered

  • I believed that the desires (passions) of those around me were more important than my own

  • I did not have hope for the future

  • I believed in some traditional roles and expectations around women and age.

finding your purpose

Then, . . . I began to let go.  I let go of false beliefs, let go of the fear, and let go of trying to control.  I let go of taking myself so seriously, let go of the idea that I was not unique and had no special purpose, and let go of expectations.  I let go of so much that was holding me back from discovering my purpose and from really loving others and serving them.


Do you live like I used to, . . . not having a clear direction and purpose in your life?  What I have grown to understand is that my passions are GOOD and they create a purpose that is beneficial for both me and those around me.  God has placed in each of us a unique purpose.  He has given us desires to do certain things (to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do).  He wants us to do THAT.  We will have a more fulfilled and happy life if we do THAT.  We will be able to love more if we do THAT.  

I have a desire to:

  • Inspire people to live emotionally, physically, and spiritually healthy lives

  • Help people face the questions they need to answer to live their best life

  • Encourage those that suffer from anxiety and depression

  • Spread my message to the world through speaking


What is your purpose?  What do you care about?  Do you have the courage to figure out what it is?  Do you believe it is true that you have a purpose for this world?  Can others see what you are passionate about?  Given complete freedom, how would you choose to spend your time?


Go on . . . take a look.  Ignore the fear.  Admit it to yourself.  Ask the Spirit that is within you to reveal your purpose.  Don’t minimize your worth.  Believe in yourself.  Serve the world with your purpose.  Love.

  • What do you want to accomplish?

  • How would you spend a perfect day?

  • What do you believe about yourself?

  • What do you believe today about your special purpose?

  • What is holding you back?

Spend some time on yourself today.  Grab a notebook and your favorite pen and dedicate a half hour each day for the next 5 days thinking about and writing down answers to these questions.  

The answers are waiting to come out so you can love yourself, others, and fulfill your purpose.