The words we speak reveal our hearts.  When we are with others, we need to listen carefully to what they are saying.  It helps to ask for direction from God in our assessments of them.  Pray that His truth will be made known.  That is how we love.

Struggling with Myself

This morning I woke up with a conversation on my mind.  I was defending myself and putting another down by a conversation we were having the day before.  Although I asked God to provide an answer, He allowed me to stir a bit longer.

As I recalled the discussion with my friend, my presumption was that she was right and I needed to defend my position against hers.   I was ‘making’ her right but disagreed in my heart and mind.  It caused dissonance within me.

I asked God, ‘Father, why do I get so stirred up?’

This was His answer.

 ‘They’ are not always right, Cathy.  Do not pit yourself against her by ‘making’ her be right.  Allow the freedom of others to have opinions and beliefs that are different than yours.  Do not take a defensive position when there is disagreement.  Just let it lie there.  Wait for my truth. 

I’ve taught you things – many things.  When you ignore all I’ve taught you and presume that the other is right, you discount all we’ve been through.  Sit in confidence with the story we’ve created.  Not everyone has been down this road.  Give them the grace to be wrong.  Don’t be upset that they don’t know what we know.  Listen to me for direction on what to say next.  Give them grace for their faults. 

You will not always be right.  You will not always be wrong.  Understand that I am the author and creator of truth.  I am the only judge in each conversation.  Listen to Me.  Listen to my Spirit.  Pray that my truth will be revealed.  Pray that my presence be made known to all.  Give grace to others – I do.

Speaking from the Heart

Each one of our comments is a revelation of our heart.  The words we speak don’t always clearly represent what we’re trying to communicate because we have fears and faults.  We often speak from a heart that’s wounded or scared.  We need to treat every word we hear as an indication of what lies beneath the surface.  We must be as gentle with our assessment of what has been said as we would if we were holding a person’s heart.

What do we Hear?  What do we Say?

What do we hear when others speak? Count to 3 and let their words sink in.  Take yourself out of the equation and focus on what they are telling you about themselves and what is buried deep within their heart.  Listen carefully.

And, what do we reveal when we speak?  Are we defending our position or crying out for help?  Are we acting in love or reacting out of fear?   How will we speak from a place of wisdom, grace, and love?


God wants to speak to each one of us.  Sit in the quiet.  Dare to ask God what He wants to change in you.  Listen for He wants to reveal. 

And listen to others.  Clarify from a heart of love (I want to know and understand you) instead of assuming from a place of fear or judgment.  Hear what they are telling you about themselves and their struggles.

Listen to God and let His presence be known.  This is how we love.