Our beliefs allow the exact same set of circumstances to lead one person to never think about the event again and another to have their life changed forever.  What are your beliefs?

As events happen in our lives we each have a choice as to how we’ll interpret them.  It’s our belief system that defines what we see.  What’s the ending to your story?

The Car

There are lots of changes going on in my life right now.  One son is getting married and the other moved out of state.  My parents are in their 80s and dealing with health issues.   Last weekend I spent time with our boys, my parents and also threw a family reunion in the mix.  Without any warning our car broke (I could get more technical but it doesn’t matter).  The malfunction could easily have caused trauma or death.  But it didn’t.  We were parking along a quiet street. 

What I Believe

So in the midst of coping with generational differences, supporting our family's lives, enjoying meaningful memories from the past, and going out to dinner our stupid car broke. 

And, . . . just like you, I get interpret it according to my beliefs.  Some would call the series of events coincidence.  Some would call it fate.  Others wouldn't think anything about it, and there are a few who would walk away shaking at what could have happened.  I believe that God has a flexible master plan.  He allows my free will and also intervenes when He deems it to be right.  I've decided that with all that's going on in my life right now, God wanted to let me know that even in the little things He’s watching over me and my family.  

What's Your Interpretation?

Do you have events in your life that seem too crazy to be true?  How about the bad ones that are getting under your skin?  What will you make of them?  How will you interpret them?  What perspective will you see through to make sense of it?  It all comes down to your beliefs.

Believing is Seeing

I challenge you to take a look at the lens you’re seeing your life through.  Is it blurry?  Is it black and white?  Is it a microscope or a telescope?  Do you have all the answers?  Ask yourself if there is another way to see your life through a more hopeful and positive eye.  Allow yourself to sit with the unknown and believe that something greater is at work.

No one knows why things happen for sure, anyway.  It’s your life.  You get to interpret it according to your beliefs. 

Make sure your interpretations always have a happy ending.