What would it be like to have everything perfect in your life? Where would you live? How much money would you have? What car would you drive? Would you work? How would you spend your days?

In a perfect world, all your relationships would be perfect. There would be nothing to stress out about, nothing to worry about, and nothing to fear. If everything in your life was perfect, wouldn’t that make you perfect too?

Regardless of whether you believe in the literal interpretation of the Garden of Eden or see it simply as a tale, it poses interesting questions for us. In the Garden of Eden, God created a perfect environment with nothing but comfort and delight. It was never too hot or cold. Adam and Eve didn’t even have to think about clothes! They had and all the delicious food they could eat, animals to play with, and streams to play in. There was no schedule to keep them from taking a nap or pushing them to an unpleasant task.

God lived with them in the garden. They had access to the Creator of the universe and could have any question answered. There was no reason to doubt or be afraid. There was just one teeny tiny little rule to follow that wasn’t cumbersome or difficult. Everything was perfect so why would they risk losing it all?

There are many potential answers, but it begs the question of us. if everything was perfect, would you be content? If you had everything you wished or dreamed for, would that bring you joy? If all your relationships were without conflict, disagreement, or pain, would you be perfectly happy?

Is that what you want? Perfection?

Even perfection can leave us discontent because contentment is a choice. In the story, Adam and Eve were living in a perfect world yet they chose to listen to the seeds of discontentment. They chose to do the wrong thing just to find out if things could be better. Is it the same with you?

Each one of us can look at our lives and think . . . if there weren’t so much to worry about, I’d be content. If that person were kinder, I’d be happy. If my job paid more, I’d be satisfied. If my health were better, I’d be comfortable. If I had more notoriety, I’d be confident. If my friends agreed with me, I’d be able to love them better. If my circumstances were better, I’d be able to accomplish more. If I had the perfect body, I’d feel better about myself. If that tragedy had not happened, my life would be better.

But each one of these is a choice. We can choose to be content, happy, satisfied, comfortable, confident, loving, accomplished, and choose a positive direction in our life, regardless of what has or has not happened.

Each life circumstance is designed for us.

Each one is an opportunity to grow.

Perfection isn’t it.

The choice is ours.

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