This summer has been warm, beautiful, and filled with fun. It’s also reminded me over and over of the value of appreciating what I’ve got. After several physical annoyances, I sit here, grateful again for the reminder not to take seemingly minor things for granted. Without these small gifts, our life can be so much different.

Blah blah blah . . .


First, I tweaked something in my neck and spent the next 8 nights propped up in bed with a heating pad on full blast to alleviate the pain. Next it was my back which had never ever in my life bothered me. For 10 longs nights, I took Advil, laid on a heating pad, and experienced numerous spasms which jarred me from sleep. Then came stomach bloating which made me look pregnant and sharp pains in my chest. Finally, I had an eye infection which forced me to wear glasses which don’t give me nearly enough correction to read. (I write this through squinted eyes, pressing my nose towards the page, and periods of closing my eyes for relief)

Now What I See


Each one of these minor annoyances has shown me how great I’ve had it. I’ve taken for granted getting an entire night’s sleep laying in any position I choose. I’ve taken for granted that my stomach doesn’t hurt, my eyes work well, and I’m able to be active. I wish I could go back and tell my healthy self to be grateful with all she has.

How About You?

What are you taking for granted? Can you recall a time when you’ve been physically sick, emotionally drained, or without hope? What did those ailments keep you from? When you got better and felt more positive and hopeful, didn’t things seem especially wonderful for a time? Wouldn’t it be great to bottle that feeling and sprinkle it on your life each day?

This is the power of gratitude.



Stop and take a moment to reflect on what seemingly small ability you have that allows you to enjoy your life and help others. Write it down. Meditate on it. Be grateful for it. Appreciate what it does for you and for others.

Here is a list of things I’m grateful for today:

1.      A neck that can look both right and left

2.      A back that allows me to bend over, twist, and hold a baby

3.      A body free from pain

4.      The ability to walk, skip, and run

5.      The capacity to breathe deeply and exhale slowly

6.      Fingers that can type, scratch, and dress myself

7.      Ears that can hear other’s words easily

8.      Knees that can help me get in and out of bed, down to and up from the floor, and balance during yoga

9.      Joints that don’t ache

10.   People in my life who are amazing

11.   A church community

12.   A work environment with smart engaged people

13.   Food on my table

14.   Amazon Prime

15.   The Internet

16.   Social Media

17.   Great books loaded with wisdom

18.   Time to reflect

19.   A husband who loves me for who I am

20.   Precious friendships

21.   Changing seasons

22.   Holidays to look forward to

23.   Routine

24.   Headphones and podcasts

25.   Treadmills

26.   Swimming pools

27.   My bicycle

28.   Plays

29.   Sporting events

30.   Music!

31.   Words

32.   My ability to remember things

33.   Photographs

34.   Text messaging

35.   Medicine

36.   Animals

37.   Prayer

38.   My washer and dryer

39.   Electric garage door openers

40.   Garbage collectors

41.   Screens to keep the bugs out

42.   Sunshine!

43.   The community I live in

44.   Art

45.   Humor

46.   Credit cards with frequent flyer miles

47.   A nice bed

48.   Something to do

49.   Lessons to learn

50.   People to love