Originally Authored 8/13/14

Are you stuck?  Are you having a struggle in your life to which you think there is no solution?  Has this been going on for too long but you just don’t know how to stop it?  This blog is for you.  You will learn to take the first step to becoming free from emotional paralysis.

breaking free

Question Theory

I have a theory that if we have the courage to answer the right questions, we can live emotionally healthy lives. If we are honest with ourselves, and believe that we are responsible for our own emotionally healthy life, we can get to the source of our problems by honestly facing difficulties.  It is not someone else’s fault that you are unhappy, it is something within you that needs to be addressed.

You Have to Ask 3 Questions

Let me give you an example of how this has worked in my own life.  There was a woman who really bugged me because of her bold, demanding, self-centered behavior.  I spent years (yes years!) being mad at her.

Question 1

 Why does SHE bother me so much?

Answer - She gets to much attention by being negative and selfish!

Question 2

Well, . . . why does that bother me?

Answer - . . . because I want attention.

Question 3

Why do I want attention?

Answer - . . . because I believe that attention will make me feel valuable.


You see, it wasn’t her I was mad at after all.  It was my own inadequacies that I was feeling.  Before having the courage to face the questions, I was stuck in emotional insecurity.

How Do You Begin to Move Forward?

Take a moment to think about a situation that has you emotionally paralyzed and write it down.  Ask yourself questions like these and then dig deeper to get to the bottom of it.

  • What is the real problem?
  • Who are you blaming for the problem?
  • Are you being honest about the problem?
  • What is the worst that could happen if you find out the truth?

The only way you can truly get emotionally back on track is to spend time figuring out what you can do to change the situation.  Give yourself a half hour during each of the next five days.  Commit to take a step in the direction of emotional health. 

Love yourself and those around you enough to have the courage to become emotionally healthy.

breaking free