Recently I have opened up to the world and let then take a peek inside.  I’ve posted things on Facebook (dare-ring!)  No one has laughed at me or called me weird.  You see, . . . the truth is, whether I show it or not, I am who I am, nothing more and nothing less.  There is great freedom in being OK with myself, quirks and all.

Hiring a Coach

A year ago I hired a personal coach. It was a big expensive scary step that seemed like such a 'first world' thing to do.  I mean, really?  There are children who are starving!  All I can say is that I felt clear direction from above that this was a step I was supposed to take.

My coach, Liz Nead, is passionate about helping her clients discover their vision, become their best, and live that out.  The process led me write this blog and I have learned so much in the process. 

Having a coach was an investment in myself and in those I love.  I am learning to be honest and to take responsibility for my life.  LIz pushes and encourages me.  She is a person who is completely honest with me.  Everyone could benefit from someone who will tell them like it is.


Hiding Dollarphotoclub_71930117.jpg

What I have realized in this process is that Cathy is just Cathy.  There are some good parts and some quirky parts.  It is so refreshing to admit that to myself.  I wasn’t fooling anyone but I was hiding.  Hiding so no one would see the real me.  Not being honest with myself so I wouldn’t have to face it.  Judging others to make myself feel better.  That was a crummy place to be and I’m so glad to be out from behind that curtain.

Why Would You Be Interested In My Life?

So why do I tell you all this?  Believe me, it’s not so you can know more about me!  I tell you this because I want you to become a better version of yourself, feel the freedom I feel, and serve the world with your unique gifts.  Look in the mirror, admit that you are pretty fantastic, and take a chance on becoming great.  God only made one of you and He has a unique and special purpose for your life.  Start.  Just start!  Take a step. 

For You

Of course, I wish you could all talk to a coach and have them cut to the core of what’s holding you back.  If I could make it happen I would send you all to Liz so the world would be full of people living the life they were created for.  Perhaps you have another idea or strategy to get it going.  Don’t let your dreams be just that.  Turn them into reality.  There is nothing that creativity can’t solve. 

It’s good to live out loud