‘Rich’ is not just about having money.   You can be rich by having fulfilling relationships, good health, a satisfying profession, children, a strong faith, a positive attitude, hope for the future or love.  Just as money does not fall into our lap, we need to become smart investors to become rich. 

Investing requires you sacrifice now for a reward in the future.  Over time, your wealth will build and you will be rich.  Here are 8 different ways to invest so that you will be rich.


One currency we have is time.  Every person on the earth has 24 hours each day.  You can invest your time wisely or foolishly, spend it on meaningful activities or waste it on ones that yield no positive results.  Where do you spend your time?  This is a valuable resource that you can invest or waste.  Are you intentional about how you invest your time?  Use your time wisely and it will reap big dividends.


Your talents are also a currency.  Do you know what your talents are?  They are more than artistic or athletic ability.  Talents can include hospitality, compassion, administration, leadership, strategic thinking, etc.  Investing in your talents will cause you to get better at them and they will become more valuable.  Investment in your talents will determine how much you and the world will benefit from them. 

Bad Character Qualities

Let’s say you have a propensity to be negative, judgmental, fearful, jealous, envious or to gossip (you name the dysfunction).  Spend time nursing that character trait and you will get better and better at it.  Ouch!  You are an investor.  Are you investing in a character quality that will do nothing to improve your life or the lives of others?  Make sure you are investing in positive character qualities and not sharpening the negative ones.

Your Body

You have to live in your body.  Are you investing in your body’s good health or are you working against it and assuring yourself a negative return.  Listen to what your body is saying and invest in its well being.  Is it tired, stressed out, lethargic, anxious or achy?  Take steps to address these issues.  Your body can feel energetic, relaxed, rested, and strong.  Invest in this vessel you live in.  Take care of it like you would take care of the most valuable asset you own.  It is the only one you get.


Each of us is a part of a community such as our workplace, city, church, family, club or friend group.  Are you investing in your community?  What do you care about in your circle that you can improve?  Use your passions and talents to direct your actions.  We need different kinds of people to make our communities thrive.  Investment in your community will make it stronger and more valuable.


Investing love and time in the lives of children yields big returns for society.  Children are unique so it is important to determine what each individual child needs from you.  How can you invest in a child to encourage the development of who they are created to be?  Take steps to make a  positive impact on a child and you will change the world.


We are social beings.  The investments of a friend are time and love.  To be a friend, you must think about someone other than you.  The quality of your friendships will reflect how much you are investing in them.  A person who has deep and meaningful relationships is rich indeed.


Pets need our care and attention.  There is something very special about caring for an animal.  Investing in an animal can bring us satisfaction and show us how to take care of another part of nature.  Pet lovers know that the investment they make in their pets reaps rewards for both them and their pet.

Past, Present, or Future

Difficulties from the past are done.  Investing in changing them is like chasing your tail.  Analyzing their impact may be useful but be careful not to over think them.  Pleasant memories from the past can cheer you up and bring important perspective to your life.  Planning for the future is useful; however, that planning should not come at the expense of the present.  Are you investing in the past, present or future?  Make sure your investment will make your tomorrows more valuable.

We are all investors. What are you investing in?