The decisions you make each day will have consequences.  Are you ready to take responsibility for the results?  I want to inspire you to make intentional decisions knowing that the results will effect your life in positive or negative ways.

Decisions Decisions

Vision and Results

  Sometimes it is easy to make a decision.

What should I have for breakfast?

Other times it is difficult to make a decision.

Do I tell Patty about her husband's indiscretions or pretend I don't know?

There are areas of your life where you are the leader.  In those arenas, it is especially important to be aware of the potential results and take responsibility for your actions which lead to results.  Are you a student looking to pass a class?  Are you a mother/father?  Do your co-workers value your opinions?  Whatever the decision, the results rest with you.  How will you choose?

Are You Ready?

What does it mean to be ready?  When I am ready, I am prepared for something specific or have the confidence to face whatever comes my way.

  •      Our faith/belief system can make us ready for whatever comes our way. 
  •      A good night’s sleep helps us be ready. 
  •      Having a good diet helps us be ready. 
  •      Our support system helps us be ready. 
  •      A nice outfit can help us be ready (I had to say it). 
  •      A positive attitude helps us be ready. 
  •      Taking care of things and not putting them off until ‘tomorrow’ helps us be ready.

I want to be ready for whatever life has for me.  Whether it be tragedy or opportunity, I want to be ready.

Allocating Resources

Vision and Results

When it comes to time and money, none of us have enough yet there are an overabundance of ways to spend them.  Having a clear vision and purpose in life will allow you to choose wisely.    New opportunities will fit into your purpose or not.  You will be intentional and jealous of your time as there is none of it to waste.  Requests for your resources will also be easy as you know what you believe in and want to support.

It's Up to You

Develop a vision and purpose for your life.  This will lead to specific goals that you are aiming for.  To do less than that is to waste the precious life that has been given you which can lead to regret and unfulfilled dreams.  There are many resources available to start your journey towards vision and purpose to live your best life.  See the Resource section of my website for some suggestions.

Here are some other areas of your life to take responsibility for.

  • . . . of your friendships?
  • . . . of your marriage?
  • . . . of your health?
  • . . . of your life?

Are you ready to take responsibility for the results?