Originally Authored 11/28/14

Are You Kidding?

A doctor once told me, ‘What you eat has nothing to do with how you feel’.  I am here to say, THAT IS NOT TRUE!!!  This blog is about gaining understanding that what you put in your mouth effects how you feel. 

Skinny Girl

My aunts and uncles used to tease me about how much white bread I ate.  I craved sugar.  Rice Krispies was not about eating tasty cereal but about getting to the sugar at the bottom of the bowl.  I was very active and had free reign over our overstocked cookie jar.  It was assumed that I was healthy because I was a skinny girl but that was not the truth.  Sugar was not good for me and eating large quantities of it with very little fruits and vegetables caused me to become more and more anxious and depressed.

My Big Sister is Right

As my health got worse, I began looking for answers outside the medical system because it had failed me.  My sister commented, ‘we put gas in cars to make them run.  What makes us think that we can put any old thing in our mouths and expect our bodies to work right?’  Genius.  My body is more complex than a car and it certainly was not running right.  I knew that eating a big steak made me feel sleepy and lethargic, and caffeine made me feel jittery and nervous.  My sister’s words sent me on a journey of experimenting with diet and  I can say her statement is profoundly true.

What are You Eating?

How is the food you are eating affecting how you feel?  Have you ever noticed what you eat and when you eat it?  Can you pinpoint any food allergies or cravings that make you feel worse?  Do you realize that achy joints and lack of motivation may be tied to your diet?

Take the First Step

Diet Improvements

A good place to start is to do a food journal.  There is no need to enter calories or fat grams, just a simple journal to write down what goes in your mouth.  Get a small notebook and carry it with you.  Write down what you eat and when.  Everything counts – even that mini candy bar or 4th cup of coffee.  It will be useful to make notes about what was going on that day and how you felt.


This journal is for you.  It is a gift to yourself to allow you to figure out how the food you are eating is making you feel.  Use your food journal for a week and then sit down and look at it.  See if there are any patterns.  Experiment with taking foods out of your diet and notice if you feel any different.


This is the first step on a journey to discovering how food makes you feel.  You are what you eat!

Here is a great article by Dr. Oz talking about nutrition and health!