What Coaches Can Do

Do you or have you had a coach?  They can inspire or push or challenge you to realize more potential than you could on your own.  Not only can a coach inspire, they can teach fundamentals which are critical to become more skilled at the task.  This blog is written to inspire you to find a coach and become more than you ever thought you could be in an area of your life is meaningful.

My Coaches

My first coach was Mr. Luke.  He knew I was afraid of the deep water so he gave me a private swim lesson and tricked me into a place with water over my head.  Then, he challenged me to swim alongside him as I overcame the fear and put the drowning monsters to bed.

Life and Business Coaching


Then there was my friend, Kari, who calmed my tears as I trained for a half marathon.  Her encouragement and Sports Beans got me to the finish line where I felt more empowered than any time in my life.

Life and Business Coaching


Finally, there is Liz, my life coach who has a tremendous amount of energy and wisdom.  She got to the core of who I am and has motivated me to pursue my passions, becoming all that God created in me.

A Coaches Value

It has taken many years for me to acknowledge the importance of a coach.  Although I had heard many times of their benefits, it was pride that stood between me and them.  To take on a coach seemed to be an admission of weakness.  Now I realize that we need coaches to push beyond our own limited beliefs and knowledge.  A coach will have an objective position and take you to the next step necessary to success.  A coach is an investment in yourself and will serve not only you but  those you love and the world you serve.


In what area of your life could you benefit from coaching?  Where would it benefit you get a different and more knowledgeable perspective?  Are you ready to pursue your passions with the help of a coach?

It is important to note that having a coach does not equal success as it will be up to you to do the work.  Like a football coach, they stand on the sidelines and give orders to the players.  It will be up to you to carry out the suggestions and see the results.  You need to go to practice and do the drills.

A coachable athlete will always be the most successful.