Originally Authored 11/11/14

What would make me get up at 5:00 in the morning, wrestle myself into a tight swimsuit, eat a quick breakfast, drive on slippery roads in the dark, jump into a swimming pool and swim 2 miles?

I’ll tell you what . . . inspiring people.

I Love to Swim

Swimming makes me SO relaxed!  Stretching and breathing, . . . it’s like yoga in the water.

Being with my fellow swimmers is inspirational.  It’s a brother/sisterhood of people from all walks of life, dedicated to attaining a goal or taking care of themselves.  They are not concerned with how they look in a suit, cap and no make-up, what the weather is outside, thoughts of ‘it’s too hard' or 'that’s crazy' or 'you do what?!?’  These are inspirational people.

. . . but it Gets Hard

Success and Goals

We were doing a speed workout and when it got to our last 100 yard drill (go faster every length!), I was breathing hard and my heart was pumping out of my chest.  Just before we pushed off the wall, my lane buddy yelled, ‘Let’s go get this!’.  Wow, now I was part of a group.  Yeah, . . . I can go get this!  When we finished, we gave each other a high five.

Who Inspires You?

We are hard-wired social beings.  There is no way around it.  Each of us needs people for friendship, to accomplish things and to push us to greater heights.  These are the lessons I’ve learned from my swimming buddies.

  • It's fun to be part of a team
  • It's easy to inspire others
  • It's freeing to be just you - in a raw state - taking care of yourself

Who are you surrounding yourself with?

Go Get It!

What would you like to ‘Go Get’?  I challenge you to:

  • Take a risk
  • Find your passions and pursue them
  • Be a friend
  • Try something new
  • Love!


And then, who do you need to help you get there? 

Take stock and be purposeful about who you hang with.  They can inspire you to greatness or drag you down.

Here are two guys who know what this is all about.