During this holiday season, we share laughter, recipes, gift ideas, and sorrow.  Sharing is free and it can change someone’s life.  The more we share, the more we offer to others.  Let’s make sharing a habit.

The Facebook Community


Facebook is a community where sharing can be not only one-on-one but with a multitude of people.  By pushing your Share button good news and inspiration can travel fast.  You can share something with your 500 friends.  If 10 of them like it enough to share, and they have as many friends as you, suddenly 5,000 people have seen the post.  This is how stuff goes viral.

I can write the best blog ever and if only four of my best friends read it, it goes nowhere.  Is there someone who needs to hear what you just read?  Could an encouraging word or different perspective help anyone you know become a better person?  Would that post you just giggled at cause anyone you know to giggle too?  Go on, share the joy!

Go Ahead and Share the Good Stuff

Good Dollarphotoclub_64081473.jpg

Sharing on Facebook is so much easier than it was to share your brand new toy when you were five.  Sharing creates an exponential opportunity to spread love, good cheer, tips, and inspiration.  I want to make that kind of wave/splash/cosmic explosion in other people’s lives.  If I get joy from something I see that is funny, inspirational or useful, why wouldn’t I share it with others?  That way they can be joyful too!  See how that works?  You get to impact other lives simply by pushing ‘Share’.  If your share doesn’t trip your Friend’s trigger like it did yours, they can simply scroll on by without a thought.

We Learn From Stories


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We all have our own story and none of them is without failures and miss-steps.  Our stories are also filled with successes and good deeds.  We learn from stories as we relate it to our own lives.  Sharing ourselves allows others to share themselves.  We all want to be known and sharing ourselves is one way to allow others to open themselves up to you.  As you tell your story and share with others, you offer a gift to them.  Sharing my story about depression has given others permission to open up and tell their own story. 

What do you have to share?

We all have things to share.  The question is whether or not you are motivated by love to share with others.  Go ahead, share your thoughts, your pictures, that funny cat video, a tip that has saved you time or money, a book you recommend, an inspirational saying, your heart, yourself! 

As humans, we crave connection and sharing is one way to get it started.