We all need peace.  In our fast paced ‘busy’ culture, it is elusive.  I stumbled into it a few weeks ago and the beauty and feeling that came over me was palatable.  I believe that God is always there and will provide peace if we will just enter in.


I ran on Saturday morning alone.  It was 45 degrees, the sun was out, the leaves were beautiful and many colors of green, the air was fresh, and it was quiet and peaceful.  In that quiet moment I was able to thank God for all I had and for all the beauty laid out in front of me.  It was a spiritual experience.

Instead of being anxious about the miles before me, I looked forward to the run.  Instead of feeling fear about running alone, I accepted it as a fact.  Instead of pushing myself to ‘get in the miles’, I was grateful for my ability to do it.  This was just about enjoying the morning, alone with God.

Was it Me or Him?

Did God decide to show up that morning and give me this peace?  No, He’s always there.  I’m not sure why but God won’t burst into your noisy and busy life and scream, ‘I’m Here!  Listen to Me!’  No, . . . you need to go to a quiet place to hear Him.  I also believe He speaks more clearly when you are in nature.  He shows himself in the wind and the sun, the colors of the trees and the sand, the beating of your heart and the sound of the birds.

We Can All Find It

What do you need to do or not do to find the peace of God?  Do you believe He is there?  I do.  Are you willing to submit to the unknowable?  It takes faith.  Can He touch your soul, heal your pain, change your perspective or grant you understanding?  Yes.  What I want is for you to find that place of peace.  Yes, . . . I want that for all of you.

Find it for Yourself

What makes you peaceful?  Is it prayer, meditation, yoga, a sauna, deep breathing, spooning with your lover, a walk outdoors, plenty of sleep, time alone or something else?  God is in those things to bring you closer to Him.  Find what it is for you and pursue it.  This will be your first step towards peace.

The circumstances of life will always be there.  Stress, financial problems, difficult relationships, illness, . . . the list goes on and on.  Take a step towards God to bring about peace within your soul.  This, my friends, will make the difficult circumstances of life easier to bear.

My hope is that you find this elusive gift so that you can experience God and find peace.

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